Artist Statement

Artist Statement

High fashion and Haute Couture are sold through celebrity endorsement, boutiques akin to Doric temples of ancient Greece, beautiful packaging, magazines and of course the glossy advertising. With their themes of intangible mystery, youth, unattainable body image, billionaire lifestyle and the viewers’/consumers’ aspiring desire to want it all.

A desire that is not for the beauty of the garment or accessory but for the dream, the status, the tribal membership, a badge that says ‘I’m a dedicated follower’ or just to say ‘Look what I can afford’. We all don’t have the legs for the catwalk and not everyone can attain the glamour for the glossy shoot and certainly not everyone has ‘good taste’. Yet many of us align ourselves with brands because of aspiration, a desire to portray an image of ourselves through products and brands.

Out of a fascination and love for this complex industry, SYRETT began to note the similarities and the differences to the art world. Exploring the basic ideas behind art and brand, the artist has examined why this idea of brand which the fashion industry repeatedly emphasises, yet the art world has not. Through this exploration SYRETT has looked at the relationship between the buyer and the art work.

Taking his lead from beauty and accessory brands, as well as fashion advertising. SYRETT looks at the what is luxury and what is defined as beauty. Utilising high end textures and techniques of the fashion industry, he uses these elements to create exquisite artworks with hints of exotic animal skins, rarely occurring nature materials such real gold and pearls together with glossy finishes and hardware more akin to handbags. Working in several processes, mixing traditional craftsmanship with modern industrial techniques. SYRETT is developing a highly polished art process, creating twice yearly collections with ever changing styles.

SYRETT’s latest collection of works is called Magazine and each piece is named after a publications that SYRETT reads. This collection is created using True Brit London, nail varnish as his medium.

SYRETT has studios in London and Brighton.